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Best Slot Receiver for Franchise - Operation Sports Forums Whats up Madden fans. I'm in the middle of a franchise with the NYJ and I wanted to know who is you guys favorite madden 13 "slot receiver". Percy Harvin was a free agent in the 2 year of my franchise and I picked him up and used him strictly as a 3rd WR and he's naturally been a beast. Madden NFL 17 Top 10 Sleeper Wide Receivers Welcome back to of our Madden NFL 17 Sleeper series and today we’re going to look at the guys who stretch the field and can put up a quick 6…the wide receivers. Let’s get to it. Sammy Coates (Pittsburgh Steelers) 23 Years Old 70 Overall 91 Speed 87 Catch In Traffic 84 Spec Catch Coates is good […] Madden NFL 17 player ratings: The receivers you need Having already bestowed our advice on the best Madden NFL 17 quarterbacks to base your team around, it's time now to look over this season's roster of wide receivers. After all, the best ...

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Julian Edelman and Doug Baldwin excel out of the slot -- but on Chris Wesseling's list of the 10 best slot receivers in the NFL, both rank behind one legend a decade-plus into his prime. Madden 16: 3 Important Attributes To Look For In A Wide ... Madden 16: 3 Important Attributes To Look For In A Wide Receiver There are tons of individual ratings for wide receivers in Madden 16. Many of them are useless, some have a minor effect, and a couple of them are very important. Ranking the NFL’s best slot receivers -

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The Best Madden 15 Tip You Have Never Heard Of - Stick… We’ve all played someone in Madden 15 who runs these crazy plays on offense and when we try to figure out what they were running, it justEssentially what happens is that in many formations you can make it so your slot receiver runs the route your outside receiver was supposed to run and vice versa. MADDEN NFL 15 Madden NFL 15 brings back the success of Precision Modified Moves. While holding the W button, press a corresponding button to feel ball carrier controls like you’ve never felt before in Madden NFL. Some of these Precision Modified Moves produce an entirely new animation (like Precision Spin and... Best Madden 15 GIFs | Find the top GIF on Gfycat

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A top receiving corps can make a decent QB look great, and a bad one can stunt the development of a weak QB. While it is hard to tell just where a QB stops and his receivers start, there is plenty ...

Is it possible to set slot receivers? : Madden - reddit Or play Beckham in the slot if you like throwing there because he's better than Cruz. I know it sounds like a lot and would be helpful if EA made it so you could put them at the slot, but do this a few times, and it's second nature. After a game starts, the first time I go to that formation it less than five seconds I have my receivers set up. Madden NFL 25 - Top 5 Wide Receivers - Prima Games Madden NFL 25 - Top 5 Wide Receivers Find out the top 5 WR picks from Prima and EA, plus the top 5 rookie and sleepter WRs Teams Deepest At Wide Receiver In Madden 18